To help build great companies by being a preferred strategic partner and specialised capital provider across Asia
To become the investor of choice in Asian healthcare private equity by generating superior returns
To create value while benefiting the greater good of regional development


Quadria Capital’s culture is integral to the way we do business, how we achieve our mission and most importantly, the values we live by. The principles of our behaviour continue to shape our firm and how we work with our partners. Today, these shared values remain fundamental to every aspect of our organisation and behavior.


We aim to always do our best and strive to consistently improve through innovation, learning and agility. We are prepared to work hard to deliver what we promise and to add value that goes beyond what is expected. We always use our energy, skills and resources to deliver the best results.


We conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency in everything we do. Our reputation as individuals and as a firm is key to our success. We understand that it is always important to do the right thing and successful, long lasting relationships are always built on trust.


Teamwork and partnership is at the heart of how we work. Each one of us is committed to working together towards a common vision. We continuously look for ways to achieve better collaboration across countries, sectors and portfolio companies to attain extraordinary results.


Creating positive social impact is integral to our firm. We strive to touch as many lives as possible to improve the healthcare outcomes, to make good healthcare affordable and more accessible. We are passionate about improving lives and believe that everyone deserves a chance for a healthy life.